I am…

strong because I have been weak, courageous because I have been afraid, healed because I have been wounded, loved because I have been unwanted, free because I have been in bondage, responsible because I have been reckless, secure because I have been on shaky ground.  I am…

You are…

strong because you have been weak, courageous because you have afraid, healed because you have been wounded, loved because you have been unwanted, free because you have been in bondage, responsible because you have been reckless, secure because you have been on shaky ground.  You are…


6 responses to “About

    • Nikki thank you so much for your support! It is truly because of authors like you, SK, Aja and Chris that have encouraged me to try doing something I love! Thanks so much for all you do!

  1. This is so moving. Loved because I have been unwanted, whew, powerful. it sums up so much of what people feel and do not have the words to articulate. Bless you for putting it in words we can feel and agree with!

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