Today I feel inspired!  It is my hope that by the time you have gotten to the end of  my thoughts you will also feel the energy.  Recently I resumed a relationship with my long-lost first love – writing!  For as long as I can remember I’ve always been what I call artsy fartsy

Van Gogh's Chair

Van Gogh’s Chair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.  I’ve always loved art, literature and music.  I remember when my parents discovered my ability to draw freehand, I could barely write,  but there I was writing the name Kellogg’s from the cereal box in cursive.  They encouraged me to the point I  thought that I could potentially be the next Van Gogh!  They took pleasure in finding things for me to draw like cartoon characters,  back then advertisers used  them to endorse every type of product you could think of.  I continued to draw, then discovered I liked reading and writing  poetry.  The years flew by in my limited world, writing was the place I could always escape to when things were difficult to handle.   Then at a very impressionable age a family member made me feel as though my art form would never be recognized and that I wasn’t talented at all.  The unfortunate part of it was I actually believed what they said and gave up on my dreams.  Just like that my voice was shutdown.  Here I am today sharing my thoughts on a global stage and not afraid.  Through the support of my family, friends and those author friends I’ve corresponded with,  my small voice is getting louder.  No longer do I feel like sitting by watching the world pass me by. I have  thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement and gentle push.  You all are helping me to show all of those things just below the surface.  We were all placed here for a specific purpose and  I believe you were meant for greatness I know that I am.  So since someone believed in me I must believe in you!  Take these steps to get on the road to your dreams.  First, realize what your S.M.A.R.T goals are and make a plan to get to it.  Second, believe you can and will be GREAT!  Third, you have the tools you need to succeed, believe it or not you have the resources at you fingertips.  Fourth, never give up on your dreams, never back down!  Do you know how important you are!  My last point stand up for what you believe and know that one person can change an outcome.  With focus and determination your dreams can come true.  Surround yourself with positive influences.  Remember, when you are feeling low look to your support system for strength.  I can’t wait to see your dreams come true!


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