A new era

English: Smugglers' Road This road is a highwa...

English: Smugglers’ Road This road is a highway up to the line of trees ahead, where it enters the MOD training area. I was feeling paranoid, though, and felt that going within sight of the guard house might make me unpopular. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while something happens in life  to change your original direction.  You end up in unforeseen situations you really never thought you would be in.  This upcoming Wednesday will be my last day at my current company.  I never imagined that I would move to another company.  I have worked for this organization for many years and enjoyed all the folks I had the pleasure of working with.  However, a new company came along and swept me off my feet much to my amazement.  Keep in mind, I was for the most part happy in my old place and even told this to the VP of stores at the new place.  You know, they actually said they were glad that I was happy, but felt that a person with my skill set would be invaluable to them.  After having spent several hours talking to everyone from people in the current role, to human resource; their structure and professionalism impressed me.  I was confident that not only was my current job description met, but I exceeded those expectations and they could clearly see that.  So the real problem was that I felt like no one really cared about my growth.  I didn’t believe that my future career goals were important nor did the company feel that I had value.  It’s a terrible feeling circling the same block everyday in a car without a new destination and having no one recognize it .  That’s exactly how it felt with my old job even my attempts to communicate with my boss seem to fall on deaf ears.  She recently said, that she didn’t think  I would go anywhere implying that I would stay in the same place without growth, for who knows how long.  I realize it took her fifteen years working in the same place to get to that next level, I get it but should it really take that long to move forward?  After her comment I realized it was time for a new era in my life, a change in direction.  Once I made up my mind I knew changes would follow.   I waited as patiently as possible and randomly these folks contacted me.  I have to tell you the new folks were talking to me about my plans from the beginning.  I’m excited that I had this opportunity to be courted by a great  new company and that has a proven track record.  I have done extensive research  and I haven’t found anyone that has had anything negative to say about them.  So as I embark on the new era of my life I know there are thousands of people just like me out there.  Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, not feeling appreciated and just not sure where to go with your life.  I want to urge you to stick in there, hold your head high, if my change could come so can yours.  When you least expect it, something great will happen to you.  It will remind you that others recognize the greatness in you.  So stand strong and wait for your discovery; it is coming when you least expect it!


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